Anoto Live Enterprise - "Pen not provisioned" displayed in ALE Digital Pen application

A "Pen not provisioned" message is displayed to a user on their mobile device and also when docked via PC router. This indicates that the Digital pen is submitting pen data to a server which has no knowledge of the pen being used. 

More Information
Having submitted a digital form, the user receives "Pen not provisioned" on their mobile device and PC router. The submitted pen data is not processed by the server & all data will remain on the digital pen.

For a pen to submit data to any Anoto Live Enterprise server (including OnDemand via PC Router and mobile app), the pen must first have been provisioned to that server.

For users of Digital Pens on our Anoto Live Enterprise Ondemand Service (Anoto host your service)
The user must contact Anoto support ( to request that the pen be provisioned to the appropriate server, specifying the following information:
  • Name of company
  • Serial Number of pen to be provisioned
  • Original supplier of pen
  • Platform the pen should be provisioned to and any forms to which the pen requires permissions

For users of Anoto Live Enterprise Server
In the "Digital Pen" application on the mobile device, under Options, confirm that the specified "Server URL" value is correctly set, not . This URL must correctly reference the company's Anoto Live Enterprise Server, and on BlackBerry devices is usually set via BES IT Policy. For BES10/12 or if you're unsure of your environment, please contact Anoto (

If the URLs specified are correct but the error continues, a designated System Administrator of the Anoto Live Enterprise server must provision this pen to the server, using the "Pen Management" screen.

  1. Open Internet Explorer

  2. Enter the URL of the company Anoto Live Enterprise Server into the address bar

  3. Login using an administrator's email address and password

  4. Click on "Pen Management"

  5. Click "Add Pen" from the "Add a new Pen" section

  6. Enter the required information, including the necessary form permissions

  7. Click "Save Pen"


The digital pen is not provisioned to a processing platform.

Applies To
Anoto Live Enterprise Server OnDemand
Anoto Live Enterprise Server

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