Getting started - Placing your first order


Your registration has been successfully completed and you've now logged into your AC Portal, seeing your Dashboard for the very first time! "What now?" I hear you ask :) 

Well, as you can see...we need to firstly get you a Partnership (contract) (all End-User & Partner types require this, as the contractual tier and duration will determine the amount of pattern you get allocated & what discounts may apply)

The next thing on the list, as an End-User, will be to get an AC server for your users (at present, we offer a 'cloud based' hosted solution - 'On-Premise' solution coming soon!). At the same time, you'll also be able to order the amount of User licenses that you are initially going to require on it.

And the last thing will be to order your batch of digital pens, so that you can start capturing that handwriting and getting your forms automatically transcribed and processed. Please find below further details about each step...

Required items before the system can be used

Ordering your Anoto AC partnership (contract), server, pattern & digital pens

Select the Order icon
Select Partnership
Complete all fields in the Partnership & Server section, i.e.

If you would like to wait for your pens to arrive first before getting a server, just select "None" under the Platform (Server) section or enter a future date from when you need the server to be up and running by.
ICR = Intelligent Character Recognition (the language your documents will be completed in, in order to increase transcription speed & accuracy)

If you would like to order some hardware, you can do this at the same time too by completing the HW section or skipping it, if you don't, i.e.
Lastly, please complete the billing/shipping addresses for this order & select the Quotation button upon completion, i.e.

You'll now be presented with a copy of your quotation. If deemed acceptable, scroll to the bottom of the quotation, check the "I agree..." box & select Send. This will send the accepted quotation through to our Order Desk-team for processing.

You can now view all your past orders from the History section...

...and if you wish to view more details regarding a specific order, just double-click on the relevant order to see the details (and the current status):

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