Getting started - Registering for an account

In order to get started on your AC Enterprise journey, please follow the 3 easy steps below...


Access our AC Portal webpage & select the sign up button


Once all required (*) fields have been successfully completed, select Register. You will now be sent an email to the registered email address for verification.

If your company will be using the system, register as ‘Member Type: End-user'.
If you want to be an AC Enterprise reseller, then register as 'Member Type: Partner'


Please go ahead and click on the Confirm Email button in our verification email to complete the process. Your registration will then, upon completion, be sent to our Sales-team for review. Once your registration has been successfully completed, will your order be progressed & your user be made active on the system (you will also receive an email once that has been completed, to let you that your user is able to successfully sign into the system).

For End-user types, your registered username (email address) will be the only user that can access both your AC Portal AND AC Forms sites, in order to create other Admin users (on AC Portal) and/or Forms users (on AC Forms).

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