ALF - Server Installation Guide

This document is aimed at end user or partner customers wishing to install an Anoto Live Forms (4.5.2.x) server in their own network infrastructure. The purpose of the brief is to ensure you size and set-up the server to a sufficient level, allowing it to perform efficiently.
We currently offer three methods of server installation:
  • Pre-configured offline ISO
  • Anoto assisted installation
  • Manual, self-installation

The guide will cover configuring your server and installing the platform without assistance from Anoto. The stages in this guide are those we follow in order to keep systems as common as possible. This removes unnecessary complexities or problems that may arise should the support team be called upon for assistance. 
You are more than welcome to make use of the pre-configured ISO if you feel that this would simplify things once you have read through this guide. Details of where to obtain the ISO and how to use it, are covered in a later section within the guide.

Please download the guide from here.

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