2020-10-27 - Live Pen 2 discontinuation


Dear Valued Customer,

Back in January 2019 we announced that a final batch of this pen model will be produced & our customers quickly placed their orders to get their stock levels replenished. The 1yr manufacture warranty for the last of these pens have now lapsed, which has prompted us to now formally (and sadly) announce the discontinuation of our 3rd generation, Live™ Pen 2 model.

This pen model is still currently supported on our Anoto Live Forms platform & latest SDKs but we cannot guarantee continued support for this pen model in future releases. Also, just to mention that the Live™ Pen 2 is not supported on our latest, 3rd generation Forms-platform, Anoto Cloud Enterprise.

We will ensure backward compatibility with our current software products up until the end of 2020.

Please follow the links below to find out more about its replacement & our most cost-effective, 'realistic looking' digital pen to date!

For further information about the AP-701 models, please contact our Sales-team at sales@anoto.com

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