AP-701 - Anoto Live Forms

Even though the new AP-701 is supported by the currently released 'Anoto Live Forms' routers, you'll see that the 'Live Pen 2' image is still presented for this pen within the Windows client. This is expected and will be replaced by the correct graphical asset in a future release of the client. The new AP-701...

  • will function just like the 'Live Pen 2' does on 'Anoto Live Forms';
  • will support the same pattern ranges as the 'Live Pen 2' pens (GUC41);
  • also supports encryption in the same way as 'Live Pen 2' on 'Anoto Live Forms'.


When you receive your new AP-701 digital pen, it will be in 'Shipment Mode' (battery power-saving state for storage/shipping) and will be inactive until you have connected it to your PC (or electrical socket) via a micro USB cable.


Once you have connected your pen via a USB connection, it will activate & automatically go into a 'BT discoverable' state (indicated by the flashing blue & green LED on the pen) in order for you to pair it to an Anoto 'ALF for Android/iOS' mobile client. If the 'BT discoverable' state finishes (active for 120 seconds) before you've been able to successfully pair your pen to your mobile device, just dock the pen again and select the 'Discover' button from within the 'ALF for Windows' client's 'Pen settings' screen or tick the Pairing-pidget with your (not USB connected) pen.

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