AP-701 & Anoto Live Forms

The AP-701 is already supported by the latest release of 'Anoto Live Forms' server (, mobile routers (Android= / iOS= & Windows router ( It will...

  • function just like the 'Live Pen 2' does on 'Anoto Live Forms';
  • support the same pattern ranges as the 'Live Pen 2' pens (GUC41);
  • also support encryption in the same way as 'Live Pen 2' on ALF.

When you receive your new AP-701 digital pen, it will be in Shipment Mode   (battery power-saving state for storage/shipping) and will be inactive until you have connected it to your PC (or electrical socket) via a micro USB cable.

Once you have connected your pen via a USB connection, it will turn on & automatically go into a 'BT discoverable' state  (indicated by the flashing blue LED on the pen) in order for you to pair it to an 'ALF for Android/iOS' mobile client. If the 'BT discoverable' state finishes before you've been able to successfully pair your pen to your mobile device, just...

  • dock the pen again and select the 'Discover' button from within the 'ALF for Windows' client's Pen settings screen or 
  • tick the Pairing- or Send-pidget on 1 of your forms with your (not USB connected) pen or 
  • keep the tip of the pen pressed down for a few seconds (on non-Anoto pattern or the tip of your finger) until a 'beep' is heard and the LED starts flashing blue again
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