2019-12-09 - Live Pen 1 & latest Android OS security patch

We have had some customers getting in touch with our Support-team to raise an issue where their Live Pen 1 pen has stopped working with their Android device.

Why is this happening?

This issue would've started occurring after your recent Android OS upgrade. Some of the latest security patches (November 2019) affect devices using a Broadcom Bluetooth chipset. As our Live Pen 1 pen uses this chipset, the Bluetooth communication between the pen and the Android mobile device has been impacted and stopped working as a result.

What happens now?

As the Live Pen 1 model was discontinued in December 2015, Anoto is no longer actively supporting this pen. In order to continue your digital pen journey, it is recommended to upgrade to our latest AP-701 pen model which uses a Mediatek Bluetooth chipset and doesn't have this Android issue. 

In order to get hold of the AP-701, you'll need to have an active contract in place with us. Please feel free to get in touch with our Sales-team to discuss this further...

What about all my data on my Live Pen 1?
  • If you're using a non-Anoto forms system, then your system should have a Windows router that you can use to route your pen data to your server. If not, then you could download & install our free penDirector application that you can use to retrieve the data from the pen. Once retrieved, provide the file to your system administrator to manually inject into the database.
  • If you're using Anoto Live Forms, then please use our Anoto Live Forms for Windows client to route your data to your server.
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