AP-701 / AP-701C-M firmware release notes

PLEASE NOTE: We do not distribute the *.bin firmware-files for manual upgrading anymore - all firmware upgrade/downgrade of the 'Live Pen 2', 'AP-701' & 'AP-701C-M' pens are now performed automatically via our new 'Pen Fleet Manager Client for Windows' application (https://support.anoto.com/article/1908-anoto-pen-fleet-manager-client-for-windows)

If you require a specific version for your pens (other than the one that has been assigned), please get in touch with us @ support@anoto.com and we can look into getting that done for you. However, it is always recommended to run the latest firmware version on your pen(s) for the best performance.

Firmware  Release Notes
  • STF2 uses constant time interval (13msec)
  • Bug fix for STF2 time interval
  • MMI specification change (please see here for the latest pen LED feedback)
  • Added feature requests to improve production
  • Fixed AP-701 license activation issue for specific pattern segments
  • Pen cap sensor support for AP-701
  • Support pen cap sensor function and Low Power-mode
  • Battery level customization in order to save battery power
  • Newly implemented milestones.json object
  • Added logging feature for crash analysis and battery consumption
  • BLE performance improvements
  • Using hardware reset for watchdog
  • Changed BT reconnect timer to 3 sec
  • Added vstf recovery from last deleted time, if filter stops or reboots
  • Pen cap is now set to 'off' by default, by internal PIO pull-up
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Added dotpos reset upon USB disconnection
  • Added support where the LED on the pen will blink blue for 3 penDown events, attempting to connect to paired Bluetooth device
  • Adjusted fading LED to be gradual/smoother to the human eye
  • Include events after the last stroke when requesting strokes with timestamps
  • Fix potential issue when requesting strokes with timestamps
  • Fix signing issue appearing after feeding with incorrect json object
  • Fix issue with pen not going to sleep properly due to stressing Bluetooth discoverable mode function
  • Fix issue with pen staying in discoverable mode after pairing has been denied
  • Fix issue with getting strokes by time-stamps after a crash has occurred
  • Fix potential issue with thread safe std library calls
  • Added command for reboot in command.json 
    Note: object specification version is not changed
  • Boot speed improvements
  • Image sensor error handling improved
  • Added support for self test
  • Stroke range retrieval performance improved
  • Stroke data corruption issue fixed
  • Fix potential factory reset issue
  • Fix occasional connection/reboot issue when pairing with Windows 10
  • Add "BLE" in name for Bluetooth LE advertising
  • Don't send strokes which are older than specified time
  • Correct PID of AP701C-M
  • Add setting to make pen connect to host by writing on any Anoto paper
  • Accept older firmware generated stroke files when upgrading
  • Add setting for discarding stream buffer
  • Stream buffer is discarded at controlled shutdown of streaming
  • Add support for locking settings
  • Improved RTC accuracy
  • Improved non volatile parameter handling
  • Add support for encryption for enterprise pens (AP-701 and AP-701C-M)
  • Fix for time issue with time set far in future
  • Fix for reboot/connection issue during pairing with multiple devices present
  • Store buzzer volume setting in non-volatile memory
  • Improved low battery detection
  • Fix Bluetooth related reboot
  • Add support for pen activation property
  • Add support for simultaneous streaming and storing
  • Add support for OTA upgrade
  • Pen may be set into discoverable mode by doing long pen down on 'non-Anoto' paper
  • Pen buzzer may be muted via command from host
  • Add support for battery pidget
  • Fix for retrieving strokes by time stamp
  • Fix for occasional sensor errors First 'Mass Production' release
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