2018-06-14 - Anoto tablet solutions becoming unsupported

Dear Customer,

Anoto is making this announcement with a heavy heart as we know how important your tablet solution is to you. Expedata, has released some updates to their core product (that Anoto’s tablet solutions are built upon) that has been incompatible with our tablet applications.

Since the updates, Anoto has been trying to work around the issues in order to continue supporting our customers with tablet solutions. However, the updates impacted our software so much that we’re unable to offer the tablet solutions as a supported product any longer. Due to this, Anoto is unfortunately not able to offer any support regarding the ‘naturalForms Enterprise’ & ‘naturalForms Cloud’ tablet solutions, going forwards.

The naturalForms tablet solution is a product from Expedata, so please feel free to contact and liaise with them directly here: https://www.naturalforms.com/ in order to see if any alternatives can be found for your tablet needs.

Kind regards,

The Anoto Team

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