The pens are getting the error message when attempting to transmit a document

All of the pens are getting the following error when attempting to transmit a document (see below). This seems to happen every time we get new pens activated. Is there something we can do to prevent it from happening on our side or is it something that needs to be changed on your side?

Enter the 'Administration' screen within the Live Forms webUI and then select the 'Pending' tab. You will need to select each user and 'Approve' their first submission. Once this is done, they can right-click on their submission within Anoto Live Forms routing app and re-send. 

The new pens must also be activated. 

  1. Add these devices within the 'New devices' section of the 'Administration - Users and Devices' tab
  2. Select the devices and choose 'Activate device'
  3. Email the resulting file to our Order Desk at in order to purchase the software licenses for the new pens

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