Live Pen™ 2 - Battery Care and Maintenance

The Live Pen 2 contains a rechargeable lithium polymer battery similar to the type found in many mobile devices.  Lithium polymer will naturally deteriorate over time unless certain precautions are followed when storing the battery for any extended period of time :-

  • Pens should be charged whenever they indicate low power.
  • A pen should not be left fully discharged for any extended period of time (>14 days).
  • Pens in long-term storage should be re-charged at least once every 6 months and placed into 'shipment mode' to maintain optimum battery conditions.

For more general information on lithium polymer battery care, Google has many useful sites dedicated to the subject.  To ensure you take the best care of your Live Pen 2, we recommend the following procedure.

  • Microfiber cloth - to clean the pen if required.
  • penDirector software to check charging level and to enable shipment mode.
  • Install penDirector and open the installation folder e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Anoto\penDirector
  • Find and run penDirectorSettingsTool.exe as administrator.
  • Check the ShipmentMode Visible checkbox
  • Restart penDirector to ensure the new settings are active.

 fig 1 - penDirectorSettingsTool.exe Configuration Screen

  • We recommend that you charge Live Pen™ 2 pens with the cradle connected to a computer, as this will give a faster charging than a wall charger or hub.
  • Check the pen battery level using penDirector. Charge to a minimum of 70%.

fig 2 - Checking the pen battery level in penDirector

If charging fails, try a different USB-port on the PC. A USB hub without an external power supply may provide the pen with insufficient charging power.

Shipment mode
  • Dock the pen with a PC running penDirector
  • Right-click the penDirector system tray application and select the 'Pen Settings' option
  • Select your pen in the 'current pen' drop down list
  • Click “Set shipment mode” and remove the pen.

fig 3 - Putting the pen into Shipment mode

Shipment mode places the pen in a very low voltage state that can extend the safe battery storage of the pen up to 6 months based on a charge > 70%.  After 6 months the pens battery protection circuitry will protect the battery for up to an additional 6 months, after which permanent damage may occur.  To exit shipment mode, the pen must be connected to a USB power source prior to use.

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