Live Pen™ 1 - General assessment

The purpose of this text is to provide a simple step by step guide to assessing a problem using the Live Pen™ 1. For a more thorough troubleshooting, please consult the document Live pen™ 1 - Troubleshooting.

1. Does the pen power up correctly?

No - Charge the pen for 30 minutes and then try again.

2. Does the LED turn off when put down on ordinary paper?

No - The pressure sensor might be non-responsive. You can try to rectify this by exchanging the ink-nib. Never insert an ink-nib with the wrong size as this may damage the pen.

3. Does the pen give feedback (LED or vibration) when put down on Anoto paper?

Vibration - Validate the pattern using another pen. If that one fails as well, then confirm that the firmware support the pattern that's being used. See Paper Template Descriptions.
If the correct firmware is used, then try to write on pattern that other pens can read, to rule out pattern issues.

LED - If the pen can read the pattern then Power LED becomes brighter. If no pattern can be registered then it turns off.

4. When connected to PC, is the pen visible in the synchronization software?

No - Try to connect using another USB port, computer or cradle.

5. Is the synchronization software set to automatic synchronization or something else?

No - Perform manual synchronization and read the logs to see if something was synchronized.

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