Live Pen™ 2 - Connected strokes

If the ink cartridge is slightly out of alignment (e.g. if it has been dropped or bent), it may 'bind' inside the pen casing, causing the pressure sensor to remain 'on' even when the pen is lifted between words or letters whilst writing. This would result in all the the pen strokes being connected and would look visually as if the writer had never lifted the pen from the paper.

Try to rectify the issue by carefully replacing the nib with a new one. If the problem persists, there might be an issue with the pressure sensor. If the pen is under warranty, then please submit a Return Material Authorization (RMA) after performing the trouble shooting described in the knowledge base article "Troubleshooting Live Pen™ 2".

Please also include an example of the connected strokes as an image file and a photo of the actual writing on paper for us to validate against.

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