I can’t connect my DP-301 using the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. I receive error-message “Forbidden because access denied”. What can I do?

This is a general HID issue for Service Pack 3 installations, the hidbth.sys can not register the HID profile correctly. The solution is to edit the ‘Bluetooth Service’ and change the ‘Log On’ information as described below.

  1. Go to Windows ‘Start’ menu and choose ‘Run’, then enter ‘Services.msc’.
  2. Find the ‘Bluetooth Service’ and select ‘Properties’.
  3. Go to the ‘Log On’ tab and select ‘This Account’. Enter an local admin account.
  4. Click ‘Ok’, then ‘Stop’ and ‘Restart’ the ‘Bluetooth Service’.

By changing to a local admin account the system manage to install the HID drivers that are needed in order to use the DP-301.

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