IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Firmware 7C required for Live Pen™ 1 (DP201) for new pattern licenses

Please note that all requests for A4 unique pattern (PGC&Data Copy) licenses are now assigned from a new pattern range which is unsupported in firmware versions 7A or lower for the Live Pen™ 1 (DP201).

If you receive A4 licenses from the 325-424.x.x.x segment, you are required to update your pen firmware to at least 7C to allow it to work with this segment. The effect of not updating the firmware will be that the pen will constantly vibrate when writing on a page from the new pattern range.

Although A4 is the most popular pattern size used, A2 and Data Copy A4 segments are also affected.  For a complete list of affected pattern ranges, please refer to the table on page 19 of the Paper Template Descriptions PDF.

Live Pen™ 2 is not affected.

How to check if you need to update your pen firmware

Download/install penDirector (available from here), dock the pen and check the firmware version of the pen using the Support information button in the General tab.

If you have firmware 7A or lower, please update your pen by downloading the latest firmware (found here) and use the penUpgrader option in the General tab of penDirector.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Anoto penDirector for pen firmware upgrading can be found here.

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