Tested printers

Anoto has compiled a non-exhaustive list of qualified printers as well as the results of printers tested by Anoto, Anoto partners and printer manufacturers. Tested printers are more suited for PC-centric solutions and products that may not require the same level of quality that a qualified printer can offer. With tested printers, customers have a broader range of cost-effective printers to choose from.

Tested printers do not have the same level of extensive evaluation compared to qualified printers, therefore we don’t offer support for them. This is primarily due to the wide degree of options, colour control and postscript compatibility that manufacturers build into their printer firmware and device drivers. We provide general guidance as to what to look for in a printer (600dpi min/1200dpi preferred, colour laser/ink jet printer with Adobe postscript compatibility and the option to disable all colour controls and interpretation), but it is up to the user to test before committing to purchase.

Anoto Qualified And Tested Printers

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