Web services integration

Anoto Live Forms is an event driven, extensible platform capable of being integrated with most third party systems, a common approach of which is through the use of web services.  The files provided here are an example of how ALF can be customised to support a remote SOAP web service running on IIS.

The example code provided includes:-

  • PHP event code for the form application on the Anoto Live Forms server
  • A C# .NET 2.0 sample project for implementing a basic web service end point

To install this project you require file access and administration rights to an Anoto Live Forms server and an IIS external web server.  The project is designed to require minimal configuration, but includes the .NET source files should you wish to extend the functionality.  To compile the .NET solution file you will require a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Full instructions on implementing the project are included in the readme files contained within the zip file.

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